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The Fused Glass process

Glass casting , or kiln formed glass is a technique that dates back to
early  Mesopotamia 4,000 years ago.  The technique was lost, however, and
was rediscovered in Europe in the 19th century.  Grayson glass studios has
built on this technique, combining it with stained glass artistry.  Each piece
of this beautiful glass is carefully hand made and designed and can be
displayed as an art piece or used in the home.  It is safe for microwave
use and can also be put in a dishwasher.  However, it may not be used
in an oven.  Due to the technique used in making this glass, bubbles and
irregularities are a normal part of the fusing process.

Kiln formed jewelry is a technique that dates back to early Mesopotamia.  The glass used in this jewelry is dichroic glass which was originally produced by NASA to be used in the face shields of astronauts.  When this glass is fired it creates a stunning opal like quality.